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Experience Pain Relief and Recovery: Chiropractic Solutions for Auto and Personal Injuries

Recover faster and stronger with our specialized chiropractic care for auto and personal injuries. Through targeted adjustments, soft tissue therapies, and integrated rehabilitation strategies, we aim to relieve pain, restore function, and optimize your overall well-being.
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Chiropractic Treatment

At Peachtree Rehab clinics, chiropractic treatment is a fundamental aspect of our comprehensive approach to healthcare.

Manual Adjusting

Our skilled healthcare professionals are trained in various manual adjustment techniques.

Instrument Adjusting

Peachtree Rehab clinics employ instrument adjusting as a valuable technique to enhance patient care and facilitate optimal outcomes.

Concussion Screening

Concussion screening is an essential aspect of the comprehensive care provided at Peachtree Rehab clinics.

Intersegmental Traction

This technique aims to restore proper alignment, relieve pressure on the spinal discs, and improve spinal flexibility.

Electric Muscle Stimulation

Peachtree Rehab clinics harness the therapeutic benefits of electric muscle stimulation as a valuable component of our treatment approach.
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We have Peachtree Rehab clinics across Metro Atlanta. Find a clinic that is close to you and our doctors and staff will work closely with you on your road to recovery.
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